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To Become a Partner - Print This Page and Mail with Check to...

“Partners in Missions”

4014 Hartford Hills DR - Benton, AR 72019

For Credit Card donation you can use the link below. Please consider giving an extra 3% to cover service fees.  Thank you in advance!!



Dear Partners in Missions:  Considering the need of reaching people for the Lord, we want to become a partner in your ministry to the Indigenous Peoples and Mestizo of the Americas.  Our church, small group or I will...


        __ Give a percentage of our Church’s General Offerings to PiM


        __ Add PiM to our Annual Missions Budget


        __ Adopt a PiM Project


        __ Receive a Christmas and/or Easter Offering for PiM


(Please circle the project you want to support)


Guatemala (Chance Project)


Guatemala (Leadership Training)


Guatemala (Mayan Indians)  


Peru (Warner School)


Peru (Leadership Training)


Karvin's Salary


Where Needed Most


 __ I will pray for your ministry 

 __ I would like more information on short-term mission trips

 __ I would like one of your Directors to speak in our church   


 Name        _______________________________________  Phone ____________________


 Address___________________________________ Email _______________________


 City       ___________________________      State  __________      Zip ______________


Please make checks payable to:  “Partners in Missions”

All Donations are Fully Tax-deductible and Will Be Used 100% as You Designate!!!


Use PiM's link above when you shop on Amazon & they will deposit .05% into our bank account. Thanks

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