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True Motherhood

I know a church that annually selects a mom to be “the mother of the year.” The award did not appear to be based on any certain qualities, except have children. The church would look at who had not previously received the title, then select from the remaining mothers. There were two women who never were designated as “mother of the year” but in my opinion should have. One was a stepmother who helped raised her husband’s children as her own. The other was a woman who had never married but cared for many children in the church. Those kids accepted her as their second-mom. What I am trying to say, one does not have to give birth to necessarily qualify as a mother.

Many of the children in Guatemala with whom we minister, have biological mothers, but in reality; do not qualify to be called a “mother.” They have abused their children and, in many cases, have abandoned them. Although abused and abandoned, these children do have mothers (nannies) in the orphanages who care for these little ones as their own.

Thank you for helping us take care of these children whose biological moms are absent from the child. Click here if you would like to help “mother” one of these children.

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