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Your Support is Not Just a Donation; it is an Investment in the Future of Guatemala's Youth

For the 2023 school year, through your continued support to Partners in Missions we were able to provide full scholarships for two boys and two girls, partial scholarships for two more boys (R. photo, student who received scholarship). A poignant insight into the local education system reveals that local teachers earn $2 USD per session, typically teaching three sessions per day ($6/day). This emphasizes the financial challenges faced by both educators and families in these communities, all while also experiencing geographical and logistical challenges in these rural areas.

The “Kids in Krisis” program continues to be a beacon of hope, enabling dreams, and fostering change in the lives of these young students. Your donations play a pivotal role in maintaining and expanding our scholarship program, offering a lifeline to education for these young minds. Together, let us sow the seeds of education, hope, and empowerment, ensuring that the light of knowledge continues to shine in the lives of these children. Your support is not just a donation; it is an investment in the future of Guatemala's youth, creating ripples of positive change that will resonate for generations to come. To contribute to our mission and make a lasting difference, please visit, click “Donations”, then “Kids in Krisis”. Thank you for being a vital part of this transformative journey. Otto Lopez, PiM Guatemala Director

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